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To construct a building can appear to be a bit an overwhelming task, as it takes a lot of people, materials, processes and details managed on a strict schedule and you won’t know where to start, and there are so many thing to be considered. Even a renovation or set additional rooms to your building requires a careful plan to make it blend with the existing building. Therefore we understand the concerns that you may have and we’re here to help you through the process, every step of the way. We’ll do whatever we can to make this effort seem simple. In building either residential or commercial, one of the first and most important steps you need to do is to find the perfect team for your future project that is specifically designed by a professional architect /designer to meet the needs of an individual client, and it involves considerable time to be completed. The importance of a floor plan to your building design is crucial. The floor plan establishes borders, opening, views, and relationships between space and people.

We also provide a full range of interior architectural design services for residential, commercial and institutional clients.  Our extensive engagement with Local and Multinational companies has fostered a unique combination of criteria efforts and professional practices.  We are conversant in the decorative components as well as the full range of construction coordination details, which may be operative for each project.

These experiences provided Celebrity Builders the engineering wisdom to precisely design, plan and manage the construction process, every step of the way. But our success would not be possible without the support of every individual in our organization as well as our subcontractors. Because we believe, quality blended with excellent service is the foundation for a successful business relationship.

Our construction company doing a full scale of buildings, the company dealing with post tensioning which is Emirates Strong Force Post Tensioning LLC is a part of Celebrity Builders. The company is one of the leading and fastest growing companies in design and installation of post – tension slab in the Middle East.  Over Hundred towers, most of them in UAE were completed with regards to Post Tensioned. ESF served designed for post – Tension Slab conform to ACI or EIT standard, Pre cast concrete to wall panel and Pre cast Concrete Element.

Advantages of Post tensioning techniques in construction are longer clear spans, thinner slabs (typically 1/3 reduction in thickness, lesser floor to floor height, shorter building height ( less cladding),  improved seismic performance ( lesser weight, shorter overturning moment arm)faster construction cycle, restrain cracks in post – tensioned slabs, crack mitigation design, minimized deflection and extending life of building.

We design, supply and installation of unbounded PT System for the Floor, Stressing of the PT Cables, gravity design of post tension Floors (Slab and beams) with Mon strand unbounded tendons.

Pre-tensioning is the application, before casting of a tensile force to high tensile steel tendons around which the concrete is to be cast. When the placed concrete has developed sufficient compressive strength, a compressive force is imparted to it by releasing the tendons, so that the concrete member is in a permanent state of Pre-stress.

Post tensioning is the application of a compressive force to the concrete at some point in time after casting. When the concrete has gained strength a state of Pre-stress is induced by tensioning steel tendons passed through ducts cast into the concrete and locking the stressed tendons with anchors. The tendons are then normally grouted in place.

To bring added value to our development proposal, we intend to deliver all the ingredients to create a sustainable work of creativity that enhance the life you lead. We wanted projects that were not only about building well but about seeing well, observing the need and purpose of the building’s owner. In blending form of function always produced perfect result, then we would have little reason to remark on a job well done.