Euclid Gas Station ( Garden Grove, CA. )

A mix of function and uniqueness we designed this gas station which has 2,900 sq. ft. floor area for mini mart to include coffee station with granite countertop created really in unique way to attract the coffee drinkers and leave the nice image in their mind to come back again, coolers and walk-in-cooler are put together to blend with the store fixtures, cashier area with neat finished granite countertop, aisle and shelving created in way to make easy flow inside the mini mart and easy access to the public bathroom. There is also a Guiznos Sub/ sandwich restaurant with seating area designed to be as part of the total artistic inside image, also we have manager office with private bathroom and storage room. The carwash been set adjacent the mini mart but controlled from the cashier area and easy access from behind the building to avoid traffic in fuelling area. The outside image we been limited to do more creative design to stay within the guidelines of the franchise oil company.