In the heart of Stanton CA. we designed a 9,100 sq. ft. Mediterranean inspired facility with 1,200 sq. ft banquet hall and 6,900 sq. ft. restaurant. Because the property size is too small, 130’ by 70.5’, underground parking is available so as in the first floor and seating will be in the 2nd floor. Customers can use either staircase or elevator to the restaurant area and an extra staircase is located at the side of the building for emergency exit as per building code. The breathtaking lobby was designed to put the customers in a different atmosphere. There are 2 sets of seating areas for the customers to choose from. One is the covered hall where guests can have more privacy with the tables and seats arranged in a back to back position. Then we have the patio or open area situated in the center of the structure where individual tables are set around a fountain with greeneries. Also placed in the patio is an “oven clay pot” where customers can see how fresh bread is made in traditional Middle-Eastern way and served hot direct from the oven.